Parallel Sessions of Designated Topic 6: Phonetics and Phonology

July 21-26, 2008 Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Parallel sessions on phonetics and phonology will be held at 18th International Congress of Linguists (CIL 18). For more information on the congress, visit the website ( ). For information about the phonology and phonetics sessions, contact the organizer at [email protected].

Organizer: Donca Steriade (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


The phonetics sessions: abstracts are solicited on any subject in linguistic phonetics, including but not limited to: speech production, speech perception, the phonetic analysis of prosody, auditory mechanisms, phonetic typology and phonetic fieldwork, especially of understudied and endangered languages.

The phonology sessions: abstracts are solicited on any subject within descriptive and theoretical phonology. Particularly encouraged is the submission of papers that contribute explicit, in-depth analyses of an extended fragment of a sound system; papers on the acquisition of phonology and on the modeling of the learning process in phonology; papers that test empirically what aspects of a sound system have been learned by speakers, and in what form; and papers that relate phonological typology to the analysis of individual sound systems.

Empirical studies of the interaction between phonetic factors and phonological patterning are particularly welcome. Enough accepted papers in this category may justify setting up a separate session with this theme; otherwise such papers will be included in the phonology or phonetics sessions, as requested by the authors.

Poster sessions in phonetics and phonology will be organized if sufficient numbers of posters are accepted.

All accepted papers are allotted 30 mins (which include 10 minutes reserved for discussion).

In submitting abstracts, please indicate whether the submission is for a poster or a presentation and whether it is to be reviewed for inclusion in the phonetics or phonology sessions.

Important Dates:

·           �� August  31, 2007: Deadline for submitting the abstract.

�� November 30, 2007: Notification of acceptance.


Form and submission of abstracts:
Abstracts should be up to 3 pages long, including data and references. Please send only .pdf files.
The abstract should start with the title of the paper, followed by the desired parallel session
(phonetics or phonology), followed by the text of the abstract. Do not include the names of the
authors in the abstract itself.

On a separate page, please give the authors�� names, affiliations, e-mail address of the
corresponding author, telephone number, mailing address, the paper title and desired session

Please send the abstract plus the supplementary information page to both [email protected] and
[email protected].