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On behalf of The Linguistic Society of Korea (LSK), we are pleased and honored to invite you to the 18th International Congress of Linguists (CIL18), which will be held on July 21 through 26, 2008 at Korea University, Seoul, Korea. The CIL18 is organized by the Linguistic Society of Korea under the auspices of the Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL) and partially sponsered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of of the Republic of Korea, the National Institute of the Korean Language, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The CIL18, with its theme ��Unity and Diversity of Languages,�� is composed of four types of presentation: 8 plenary lectures, 10 parallel sessions of designated topics, 19 workshops, and general sessions. Over 800 papers, representing all corners of the world, will be presented during the 6-day conference. The CIL18 is sure to contribute a great deal to our understanding of the unity and diversity of human languages.

Korea is a place of diverse cultural interactions. Seoul, with its 600 years of history as the capital city, has inherited a rich legacy representing the past and a dynamic present. Korea University, which commemorates its 103rd anniversary this year, is well-known as one of the pioneering institutes of modern higher education in Korea. We hope that you will participate in this congress and find time to appreciate the cultural legacy of Seoul and Korea.

The Linguistic Society of Korea (LSK) was founded in 1975 and has greatly contributed to introducing modern linguistic theories into Korea and applying new methods to the study of the Korean language. The LSK has been playing a remarkable role in the internatiol linguistics circle. Since the first Seoul International Conference on Linguistics in 1981 (SICOL-81) thousands of linguists from every corner of the world have visited Korea for conferences, seminars, individual lectures, etc. Their visits have contributed to the free exchance of theoretical ideas and linguistic information between them and Korean linguists. Thanks to these interactions, we have succeeded in producing many talented and promising linguists who are very active and productive at home and abroad.

We are eargerly looking forward to your participation in the CIL18, which is academically rewarding and inspiring, and to your stay in Korea, which is entertaining and enjoyable as well.

Sincerely Yours,

Ik-Hwan Lee and Chai-song Hong,  
The CIL18 Local Organizing Committee