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Language, mind and brain Organizer: Gary Libben ([email protected])
Information structure Organizer: Manfred Krifka
([email protected]) & Caroline Fery ([email protected])
Language policy Organizer: Bernard Spolsky ([email protected])
Intercultural pragmatics, language and society Organizer: Shoshana Blum-Kulka ([email protected])
Historical and comparative linguistics Organizer: Brian D. Joseph ([email protected])
Phonetics and phonology Organizer: Donca Steriade ([email protected])
Lexical semanticsOrganizer: Sebastian Lobner ([email protected])
Tense, aspect and modality Organizer: Johan van der Auwera ( [email protected])
Computational linguistics Organizer: Hans Uszkoreit ([email protected])
SyntaxOrganizer: Farrell Ackerman ([email protected])