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Interface Conditions Organizer: Anna Maria Di Sciullo (
English with Asian Accents: English for Intercultural Communication in Asian Contexts
Organizer: Angel Lin ([email protected])
Silent Issues in Linguistic Theory Organizer: Hee-Don Ahn ([email protected])
Speech Sciences in Linguistics: Non-native speech production and perceptionOrganizers: Hyun-Gi Kim
([email protected]) and . Sangjoon Kim ([email protected])
Formal Approaches to the Relation of Tense, Aspect and Modality
Organizers: Yukinori Takubo and Stefan Kaufmann ([email protected]  [email protected]  )
Contrastiveness in Information Structure and/or Scalar ImplicaturesOrganizers: Chungmin Lee and Ferenc Kiefer ([email protected]  [email protected]  )
Language Diversity: From the Perspective of Descriptive LinguisticsOrganizer: Kayo Nagai ([email protected])
Writing Systems and the Linguistic StructureOrganizer: Sang-Oak Lee ([email protected])
Current Issues in Linguistic InterfacesOrganizer: Jong-Yurl Yoon ([email protected])
Language and Gender
Organizers: Hye-Sook Kim, Kathleen Ahrens, & Ik-Hwan Lee ([email protected] [email protected])
Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics
Organizers: Jin-Wan Kim and Jong-Im Han ([email protected] [email protected])
Linguistic Studies of Ontology: From Lexical Semantics to Formal Ontologies and Back
Organizer: Chu-Ren Huang ([email protected] )
Features of Translation Universals Organizers: Euiyon Cho and Soon-Young Kim ([email protected] )
Endangered Languages Organizer: Kim Juwon ([email protected] )
Argument Realization in Asian Languages Organizer: Henry Y. Chang ([email protected] 
Lexis-Grammar Interface Organizer: Eric Laporte ([email protected] )
Syntactic Parameters Organizers: Niina Zhang and Youngjun Jang ([email protected] )
Interfaces in Phonology Organizer: Jongho Jun ([email protected] )
Languages and Cultures in Contact
Organizers: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk([email protected]) and Thekla Wiebusch([email protected])