Program > Invited Speakers of Plenary Sessions 

�� Sign Language: Susan Fischer, Center for Research on Language ,
    UCSD (University of California, San Diego): [email protected]
    Lecture title: Sign language East and West
�� Evolution of language: Jean Aitchison, Worcester: [email protected]
    Lecture title: Lifting the veil: Uncovering language origin and evolution
�� Semantics and Pragmatics: Laurence R Horn, Yale University; [email protected]
    Lecture title: Pragmatics and the lexicon
�� Syntax: Jane Grimshaw, Rutgers U: [email protected]
     Lecture title: Syntactic constraints
�� The phonological, neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics interface: Grzegorz Dogil, Stuttgart U:
     [email protected]     [email protected]
    Lecture title: Aspects of the neural representation of spoken language
�� The structure of the lexicon: James Pustejovsky, Brandeis U: [email protected]
    Lecture title: From Concepts to Meaning: The Role of Lexical Knowledge
�� Linguistic rights: Suzanne Romaine, MertonCollege, Oxford U: [email protected].
    Lecture title: Language rights, human development and linguistic diversity in a globalizing world
�� Formal semantics: Kiyong Lee, KoreaU: [email protected]
    Lecture title: Formal semantics for interpreting temporal annotation